52 Week Money Challenge for 2014 – Save $1300 in 2014

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Could you use an extra $1300 in 2014? I thought so! Take a look at this 52 Week Money Challenge worksheet. It’s an easy blueprint for you to use to stash away over $1300 a year easily! I spotted this challenge on Facebook, and although I’m not sure exactly where it originated from, I thought it was a great challenge and figured that some of you would like to hop on board!

There are a couple ways you can do this challenge:

Chronological: On week one, you save $1.00, week two you save $2.00, week three you save $3.00 and as the week’s go on you continue to save, at the end of the year you will have over $1300 tucked away to use on Christmas gifts, a vacation or maybe some repairs on the house!

Reverse-Chronological: You can also do this challenge by starting with $52 for the first week, $51 the second week and going backwards, essentially, your weekly savings payment becomes less and less as the year goes on, which may be a better option for you depending on what your financial situation is

Pick & Choose:  The other thing you can do is choose a different amount to save each week, anywhere from $1-$52. Once you’ve saved that amount, it must be crossed off the list and the following week, you choose a new amount to save and so forth and so on through the year, until you’ve deposited the $1378.00 in your account by the last week in December.

  • http://www.mystayathomeadventures.com/ Brit

    I’m going to start this challenge this week and excited. Is a great way to save money.

  • Oni

    I’m starting this week.
    So I’ll make up for the past 3 weeks in January.
    Seens like an easy way to save money. I wish dieting was the same.