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We all have a story as to why we started couponing, this is mine.

Before my divorce, I was the type of girl who thought I would never use coupons. In fact, I thought I was too cool for coupons and that coupons were only for poor people. (Boy was I wrong, they are for smart people!) Then shortly after my divorce, I found myself a self-employed, single mother struggling to make ends meet. It’s then that I turned to coupons. Fell in love. and lived to tell my happily ever after story.

In July 2010, I had just moved out of the home I owned into a small two bedroom apartment with my kids. I wanted to maintain the lifestyle I was used to and my kids were used to, so I started couponing. I began reading couponing blogs and finance books determined to whip my budget into place..and it worked. I went from spending $800 a month in groceries to $150 a month. I went from always running out of things, to having a huge stockpile valued at over $5000. All because of coupons.

Three years after my divorce, I had saved enough money using coupons that I was able to build a brand new house in a wonderful neighborhood. I moved my kids into that neighborhood, gave them a stable life and got married to a wonderful man, who I believe is my soulmate, had another baby and now blog full time about saving money.

Coupons have changed my life and I know it sounds nerdy to say it, but I would not have everything in my life that I have now if I never picked up those scissors to clip coupons.

My goal with Coupon Karma is to give you the tools, education and motivation to get your life back by taking control of your finances. Your money is the one thing you can control during the times when your life seems to be spinning out of control.

While you’ll see a lot of articles on here geared towards newly divorced or single parents, I want you to know that if you are married, you will still find inspiration and tools to help your family succeed and lead a positive life.

I love talking to my readers, you can always contact me at [email protected]

I also blog at KatieGorgeous, MoneySavingSisters & MasonJarBreakfast