Best Times to Find Discounted or Marked Down Meat at Your Grocery Store

Coupons for meat are few and far between, but since my family loves to eat it..I’m always on the hunt for a deal. I try to buy discounted or reduced meat whenever I can find it. Discounted meat is still good on the day that it is sold and good for even longer if you freeze it as soon as you get home!

Here are some of my strategies to finding discount meat:

Times of the day:
I prefer to go either late at night or early in the morning! This is when they are re-stocking the meat selections and are more likely to have marked down the meat. Plus, there are less customers in the store, so you won’t have to fist fight anyone to get the discounted meat! ;)

Days of the week:
Mondays & Tuesdays are my favorite days to go scavenging for discounted meat. Grocery stores usually stock up on meat for the weekend, and whatever hasn’t sold by Monday morning is more likely to get marked down!

Day after a big sale:
I like to scope out the discounted meat on the day AFTER a huge sale. Let’s say that my grocery store has chicken breast on sale for $1.88/lb. That’s a pretty good deal! However, if you hit up the grocery store the day AFTER that sale is over, you may be able to find some leftover ‘sale’ meat discounted for quick sale.

Bonus Tip: Become friends with your local grocery store butcher to find out their markdown schedule!

What about you? What is your favorite time of the day or day of the week to find discounted meat?

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