Healthy Eating Patterns


While I’m calculating away on the Know What we Need, the baseline Weekly Grocery Shopping List, which is taking a lot longer than I expected, here is a summary recommendation from USDA on Healthy Eating Patterns. Good to keep in mind and apply whenever possible. Limit calorie intake to the amount needed to attain a […]

Weekly Shopping List for Family of 4


Continuing on with yesterday’s calculation, it’s time for us to finalize the first draft of the Weekly Recommended Portions per Food Group for a Family of 4.  Today, we will simply multiply the baseline portions with ratio of 3.46 that we came up with yesterday. So, finally, here goes our first cut shopping list; Dark […]

The Top-line of Frugal Correctness – Acquiring, Consuming, and Preserving Consumable Goods


The Top-line of Frugal Correctness has to do with how we buy, store, and use consumable goods. They are on the topside of the Frugal Correctness Fishbone Blueprint diagram as Acquire, Consume, and Preserve. They are focused on minimizing spending and wasting. To minimize spending, we have to make sure that the money is spent […]