3 Quick Tips on How to Start Living More Frugally


If you are struggling every month to make ends meet and you do not know how you are going
to be able to pay for food, bills, and any other debts you have, then you are in need of some
good advice on how to start living frugally. It doesn’t take much to start with simple changes,
so hopefully these three simple tips will help get you started on the right foot.

Walk more, or use public transportation (but only when really necessary.) Do you
really need a car to get to where you need to go? If you have to go somewhere close to
your home or even close to work, then you can easily walk or ride a bike, and, for longer
journeys, you can use public transportation. Or how about carpooling? Besides saving
yourself some costly gas money, you will help the environment by reducing pollution too.
Not to mention that walking, jogging, or even riding a bike are great ways to exercise!
Therefore, you could even reduce your costs by not buying a gym membership, which is
also a great way to save even more money!

Do things on your own. Why go to the hairdresser’s when you can cut your own hair,
or ask a family member or friend to do it for you? I have a friend that has a certificate
in Cosmetology, and she will cut and color my hair for free! I know from time to time
places like JCPenney will even offer monthly specials where your kids can get their hair
cuts for free on Sundays. So keep your eyes open for deals like that. Why buy expensive
microwave food or go out to eat at restaurants when there are so many healthy meals you
can cook yourself with next to nothing ingredients? Not only that, you can buy most of
the items you need cheaper when you learn how to coupon. I’m sure you can find several
FREE kindle books on do-it-yourself projects, frugal recipes, or perhaps you may know
friends and family who can help you out with a specific project when you need help.

Plan ahead. You can make a 30-day spending plan and you will see how much it will
help you save money! Even just creating a shopping list before you go shopping for will
go a long way. Just remember to stick with your list! If you’re not big on couponing or if
you’re still learning, you could start slow by price matching ads at Walmart. It will save
you from making multiple trips, and you’ll still take advantage of a good store deal. It is
also important not to go shopping when you are hungry, because you will feel the impulse
to buy lots of things you do not really need. Do your research ahead and look for online
deals, shopping with coupons, etc.

These are only a few simple tips, but, simple as they are, they can help you start living
frugally today.

Get a Printer Paper for only $.01 at Staples + Where I buy cheap Printer Ink


I often get asked how to save on printer ink and paper…because, let’s face it…couponers print a lot of coupons! :) I ALWAYS buy my printer ink on ComboInk, because I can get a generic ink for my printer at a FRACTION of the cost that I would spend at an office supply store.

Right now on ComboInk, you can get 15% off  any $5 order. Your best bet is going to be to go with a combo pack which scores you multiple ink cartridges for way cheaper than the individual cartridges!

As for paper, I always take advantage of Staples Rewards & Rebates to get FREE & Cheap paper. This week you can get a  ream of paper for only a penny after Rebate!

Staples deal 1/11 – 1/17

Buy (1) Staples 8.5×11″ Multi-purpose Paper, 500 Sheets $7.79
Use $.01 with Rebate Staples Coupon
Pay $4.80 & Submit for $4.79 Staples Easy Rebate
Final Price = $.01


101 Websites To Get Free Printable Coupons – Huge List


Get your printer ready because I just created the grand daddy of printable coupon sites for ya! Here’s a list of 101 websites that you can use to get FREE printable coupons.

Please note, that some of these website do not have coupons ALL of the time and are marked as so below. I’ve also tried to break it down by category. I hope you enjoy this list!

Bookmark this page, share it with your friends, I hope you find it be a valuable resource for all of your couponing needs!

General Printable Coupon Websites:
1. Coupons.com
2. Hopster.com
3. Redplum.com
4. SmartSource.com
5. CouponKarma
6. Grocery Coupon Network
7. MamboSprouts
8. Recyclebank
9. Start Sampling
10. CoolSavings
11. Kellogg’s Coupons
12. Checkout 51
13. Swagbucks
14. All You Magazine Printable Coupons
15. Coupon Suzy
16. CouponMom
17. CouponBug
18. MySavings
19. PPGazette

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Bayer MoneyMaker at Walmart this week!


Woohoo! This is going to be a great weekend to stock up on Bayer aspirin! We are scheduled to receive a $10/3 off Bayer coupon in today’s SmartSource! You can use this to pick up the 32 ct. Bayer Aspirin priced at $2.17 at Walmart, making it a $3.49 MoneyMaker!

Buy (1) Bayer Low Dose 32ct Aspirin $2.17
Use (1) $10/3 Bayer Aspirin Coupon from the 1/4 SmartSource
Final Price = FREE + $3.49 MoneyMaker

Extreme Couponing Tip: Get your hands on several of these coupons, buy as many Bayer as you have coupons and use the overage to buy items that you don’t have coupons for!

Thanks Darlene!

Download the Coupon Karma B1G1 Coupon Cheat Sheet


Are you ready for a little math? Ah hell who am I kidding…are you ready for a LOT of math?

Today, I’m going to breakdown the math behind figuring out how to use different coupons with different store sales…I know it can be confusing. So first, I’m going to show you the math and then I’m going to give you a neat little cheat sheet for you to print and carry in your binder!



In the example you see above, we are using a B1G1 FREE coupon on a B2G1 FREE Store Sale. The first thing you are going to want to do is determine how many you need to buy. You can do this easily by figuring out how many you need to buy for both the coupon and the sale. If they are not the same number, then the easiest thing to do is multiply them. In the example above, I need to buy 2 to be able to use the B1G1 Coupon and I need to buy 3 to be able to take advantage of the store sale, multiply those two together and I get 6. I will buy 6.

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3 Tips on How To Save Paper When Printing Coupons

Printer printing money

As a couponer, we go through a lot of printer paper! Luckily, we can usually find a good deal on paper at Staples! I thought I might give you a couple of tips on how you can conserve paper when printing coupons.

1. Print 3 per sheet – Most coupons print 3 per sheet, so if you can…try to select multiples of 3 coupons each time you print coupons, you will actually save paper, by filling up the entire sheet with coupons, instead of just 1 coupon.

2. Use the backside – If you do end up printing only 1 coupon, you can quickly flip the paper upside down and print on the backside. You’ll need to practice this a few times before hand to get the hang of it, because all printers print from different ends.

3. Use scrap paper – Your paper does not have to be pristine on both sides in order to print a coupon on it. If you’ve got some scrap paper, throw it in the printer and print on the clean side, it doesn’t matter what’s on the back of the coupon, as long as the bar code is scannable on the front.

What are some ways you save money on paper? Leave me a comment!

5 Things you can do Right Now to Start Saving for Christmas!


It’s January 2nd and I know what you are thinking…we just got done with THIS Christmas..why should we be thinking about next Christmas! WELL…let me tell you…saving money and couponing is not just a ‘holiday thing’ is a year round thing..and the more you know about sales and savings..means you’ll be able to save money throughout the year, making Christmas cheaper!

1. Hit up Cheap Toy Sales – Stores like Target, Walmart & Kohl’s have already marked down ‘holiday’ toys to make room for their spring & summer toys with deep discounts! Clearance stickers are your friends!

Pro Tip: Wait until these items get to 75-90% to get the best discounts

2. Join Swagbucks – Last year alone, I earned over $220 in Amazon, Target & Old Navy gift cards on Swagbucks. I used these gift cards to purchase the majority of my gifts. If you start now and earn Swagbucks everyday, this time next year, you should have a nice little booty of gift cards that you earned for FREE!

Pro Tip: You earn 10 Swagbucks for every coupon printed and redeemed from the Swagbucks site!

3. Participate in Surveys – Now listen, you are not going to get rich by participating in surveys, but you can earn a nice chunk of change over time. And since Christmas is a few months off, this gives you plenty of time to earn! Here are a few of my faves: Inbox Dollars (Get a $5 bonus, just for signing up) & Pinecone Research ($3 per survey!)

Pro Tip: Not sure which Survey company to go with? Check out these reviews.

4. Join EbatesEbates is a website that partners with hundreds of retailers to give you cash back on purchase you make online. So before making a purchase online, check to see if they partner with Ebates and you could earn up to 8% cash back on your purchases.

Pro Tip Buy store gift cards through Ebates and then make your purchase (through Ebates) using that gift card to earn on the Gift Card purchase & your actual purchase!

5. Follow CouponKarma on Facebook! Part of my strategy is to shop year round every time I find a good deal! Follow me on Facebook to keep up with the toy clearance sales and once-in-a-lifetime deals that are found throughout the year!

Pro Tip: You can also follow me on Twitter!

What Goes on Sale in January?


It may be a new year, but did you know that the same items typically go on sale each January from year to year. Most items fall on a sales cycle, which means each month or season we can expect to see the same items on sale. Sales cycles are important to know so you can plan in advance what you will need to buy, stockpile or avoid buying.

In terms of grocery savings, we are going to see sales on diet foods & oatmeal. Why, Oatmeal? Well January, is National Oatmeal Month, so you can expect too see deals on Quaker products, granola bars, etc.

Towards the middle through end of the month, we’ll see more Superbowl party snack type deals on chips, dips, cheese, soda, and other game day snacks.

It’s also a great time to stock up on leftover holiday clearance items, fragrance sets and calendars!


Here is list of the items you can expect to see on sale throughout the month of January.


  • Oatmeal
  • Granola Bars
  • Quaker Products
  • Cereals (Special K, Kashi, etc)
  • Diet Foods (Lean Cuisine, Weight Watchers, Healthy Choice, etc)
  • Superbowl Party snacks

Non-Grocery Sale Items:

  • Clearance Holiday Items
  • Calendars
  • Winter Apparel & Accessories
  • Cookware & Home Appliances
  • Computers
  • Home Goods & Linens

7 Free Online Diet Resources and How to Use Them


With the New Year approaching, you might be looking for some help managing your weight or helping you achieve your weight loss goals. Luckily, there are many online resources just waiting to assist you, and the great part is you never even need to leave your home.

Take a look below at 7 free online diet resources and how to use them to the best of your advantage. Take a look!

1. My Fitness Pal
 – Visit My Fitness Pal at www.myfitnesspal.com where you can find a plethora of free materials. Try their online journals, meal plans, chat boards, and more. The site also features various supports such as testimonials and Q&A forums.

2. Spark People – 
Give Spark People a try at www.sparkpeople.com and take advantage of their free educational videos, food and exercise plans, even access healthy eating plans for your pets. Registration is free and in no time you can enjoy their easy to use food and fitness trackers.

3. South Beach Diet
 – Visit South Beach Diet at www.southbeachdiet.com and create your own free personal diet profile. South Beach Diet will also send you regular emails full of free fitness and diet tips bases on the South Beach method.

4. Jillian Michaels
 – Visit Jillian Michael’s site at www.jillianmichaels.com and find free fitness and diet tips and programs just for you. Like the South Beach program, you will then get free email alerts full of tips and motivation to get you going towards your fitness goals.

5. My Calorie Counter
 – Visit the site My Calorie Counter at www.my-calorie-counter.com and get a handle on your calorie consumption. Their free tools will help you best track your calories and help you make sure you are staying in your goal range.

6. Start Your Diet
 – At Start Your Diet, you can learn more about healthy eating, fitness tips, download free apps, journal, and get the support you need for your weight loss goals. Visit www.startyourdiet.com to sign up for your free membership.

7. Fit Click
 – Check out Fit Click where you can create a personal weight loss plan for yourself, find healthy recipes, a community forum and more. Track your progress and find the support you need when you find yourself hitting some obstacles. A simple and free visit to www.fitclick.com is all you need.

As you can see, getting healthy in the New Year does not have to be pricey. Take advantage of these free fitness and dieting sites and start getting lean for less.

Pro Tip: How to Save Big Money on Healthy Foods


If you have ever browsed the health food section at your grocery store lately, you may have noticed these products are not exactly cheap. Eating healthy can often prove to be a challenge, and if you are not careful, you can find yourself sacrificing eating healthy in order to save a buck. Instead, take a peek below at 7 ways to save on health foods.

1. Get on their lists.
 Visit the websites of your favorite health food companies and get on their email lists. This way, you are sure to receive promo offers and coupons straight to your inbox, netting you some serious savings.

2. Look for generic.
 You would be surprised how many generic varieties there are for some of your favorite health food products. Give some of these generic varieties a try and see how you like them. You might find something comparable at the cost of 20% less.

3. Check out Aldi.
 If you have an Aldi nearby, check them out! They have a new line of health food products that are not only tasty but available at an affordable price. Many people are fans of this new line, so check it out and see what the fuss is about.

4. Visit your Farmer’s Market. 
When you avoid the middle man and buy direct from the farmer, you could save some cash. Check out your local farmer’s market for fresh produce, grains, breads, nuts and more.

5. Don’t forget those coupons.
 Coupons are starting to circulate for health food products. It use to be you couldn’t find them, but now they are everywhere. Look at coupons.com, brand websites, brand Facebook pages, and your Sunday paper for money saving coupons good on your favorite health food products.

6. Plan your menu. 
Plan your dinner and lunch menu a week at a time so you are not wasting any of the fresh products you have bought. Wasting food is the quickest way to waste money, so by planning you can be sure you use what you have getting more bang for your buck.

7. Check out Target.
 Target now allows you to use a manufacturer coupon, a Target brand coupon, plus a Target Cartwheel coupon all on one item. Luckily, these items often include health food products. Check out your local Target and shop the healthy selections the Market Pantry brand offers as well as offers where you can use these three savings options.

Don’t resort to eating unhealthy foods just because you are on a budget. Instead, give these tips a try and see what a difference they can make.