Knock Off Pottery Barn Girls Room


Oh wow! What little girl wouldnt’ love this pink and owl themed room? Now you can re-create this room on a budget using pieces from Target & Walmart. You may even be able to find some cheaper pieces at Goodwill or Salvation Army! Walmart: Finley Headboard $99.99 Sauder Shoal Creek White Nightstand $69.00 Target: Circo […]

FREE Printable Summer Activity List Passport!

Pin this post on Pinterest Many of you commented and emailed me about the Funner Summer Activity Passport I made the kids last week, and I think I figured out a way for me to share it with you! I’ve made the sheets customizable for you to add your child’s picture and name to the […]

How to Get a Raise in One Easy Step


I know what you are thinking, you are feeling underpaid and overworked and you stay up at night watching Shark Tank wondering how you can make more money. You’ve tried to move up in your career…you’ve asked your boss for a raise, but things aren’t moving as quickly as you’d like them to. You want […]

How I Make Money With a Coupon Blog

One of the most frequent questions I get asked when I tell people that I’m a blogger…is “How do you make money doing that”? Because making money with a blog is a little mysterious…I thought I would pull back the curtain on blogging and let you know how coupon bloggers make money. 1. Ads: There […]

How to Stack Coupons: A Coupon Stacking Cheat Cheat


Coupon Stacking is one of the ways all of us hardcore coupons get extra savings! Coupon Stacking is when you are allowed to use a store or mobile coupon along with a manufacturer’s coupon. Coupon stacking has gotten a little more complicated lately due to all the new mobile and digital coupons also available. So […]

Bride on a Budget: 5 Ways to Save Money on a Wedding Dress


Aside from food, your wedding gown can be one of the major expenses of your wedding. I see it all the time on “Say Yes to the Dress” a woman falls in love with an expensive gown and she cannot get it out of her mind….then, her hubby to be, mother, father or grandmother shell […]