3 Quick Tips on How to Start Living More Frugally

  If you are struggling every month to make ends meet and you do not know how you are going to be able to pay for food, bills, and any other debts you have, then you are in need of some good advice on how to start living frugally. It doesn’t take much to start […]

Bayer MoneyMaker at Walmart this week!

Woohoo! This is going to be a great weekend to stock up on Bayer aspirin! We are scheduled to receive a $10/3 off Bayer coupon in today’s SmartSource! You can use this to pick up the 32 ct. Bayer Aspirin priced at $2.17 at Walmart, making it a $3.49 MoneyMaker! Buy (1) Bayer Low Dose […]

3 Tips on How To Save Paper When Printing Coupons

As a couponer, we go through a lot of printer paper! Luckily, we can usually find a good deal on paper at Staples! I thought I might give you a couple of tips on how you can conserve paper when printing coupons. 1. Print 3 per sheet – Most coupons print 3 per sheet, so […]

How To Use a Weekly Menu to Save Money on Groceries


Couponing is only one way to save money on groceries..and while it’s one of my favorite ways to do so, creating a menu can also help you make use of all the great deals you are getting. I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve looked up from my computer and see that it’s 4:00pm […]

How to Save Money on Chicken Breast + My Stock Up Price


Chicken breasts are one of the main staples in my household. It’s one of the only foods my entire family agrees on! Finding deals on fresh chicken breast can be hard, because we rarely see coupons for fresh meat. Instead, I use a variety of tactics to save on chicken breast. Buy in Bulk: My […]

How to Save Money on Food without Using Coupons

Whenever I meet new people and when I tell them that I’m an extreme couponer, they almost always say, “Oh I wish I could do that, I just don’t have the time” to which I usually reply, “Oh it doesn’t take much time..If you just visit my website I break it down for you”. But […]

5 Frugal Coupon Storage & Organization Methods

When you choose to really invest the time into couponing you quickly find out how important an easy to use storage method is necessary. With literally hundreds of options out there here are 5 Frugal Coupon Storage Methods that have stood the test of time and help you stay in budget. These are just a […]

4 Price Tag Secrets Every Shopper Should Know


Pin this post on Pinterest! Ever find something on clearance and wonder whether you should buy it right then or wait to see if the item will be marked down again? Well you might be surprised to know that most stores use a secret tag system that indicates whether or not the item has hit […]

How to Make Candles Last Longer – 5 Tips

Everyone loves a sweet smelling candle. They add so much ambiance and the perfect glow of light. The only problem is, candles are not cheap. You can pay upwards of $20 for a multi-wick candle and if you burn it on a regular basis, you are going to burn through your $20 rather quickly. So […]