Change Is Coming To Walgreens – Balance Rewards Program Starts 9/16

All good things must come to an end I suppose :( Pull out a hanky and grab a glass of wine, because change is-a-coming to Walgreens….

Starting on September 16th, Walgreens will be introducing a new program: Walgreens Balance Rewards. This program will require you to have a Walgreens Balance Reward Card (similar to CVS & Rite Aid). When making purchases, you will accumulate points.

Ways to earn Balance Reward points:

1. Earn points by purchasing select items found in the ad which advertise points with purchase (as seen above)

2. Earn 10 points for every mile that you walk, when you join the Walk With Walgreens program

3. Earn 500 points for each qualifying prescription that you fill in the pharmacy.

4. You can also earn points with *some* online purchases.

My biggest gripe with the new Balance Reward programs, is that you cannot earn points on a purchase where you are redeeming points. So let’s say you are making a $5 purchase that should come with 1,000 Balance Reward points shown in the ad and using your 5,000 accumulated points to make the purchase you would NOT get the 1,000 points.

If you sign up before 9/15, you’ll be entered to win a 10 Million Point Giveaway!

Sign Up & Read More about the Balance Rewards Program

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    • mairi says

      Unlike the Rite Aid and CVS rewards which expire in a couple of weeks the balane rewards will not expire for 3 years as long as your account is active ( make at least 1 purchase every 6 months) You can save the points towards a large purchase and choose when to redeem them, It will take a while to get used to the change as it is a big one but I think it will be worth it.

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