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Are you ready for a little math? Ah hell who am I kidding…are you ready for a LOT of math?

Today, I’m going to breakdown the math behind figuring out how to use different coupons with different store sales…I know it can be confusing. So first, I’m going to show you the math and then I’m going to give you a neat little cheat sheet for you to print and carry in your binder!



In the example you see above, we are using a B1G1 FREE coupon on a B2G1 FREE Store Sale. The first thing you are going to want to do is determine how many you need to buy. You can do this easily by figuring out how many you need to buy for both the coupon and the sale. If they are not the same number, then the easiest thing to do is multiply them. In the example above, I need to buy 2 to be able to use the B1G1 Coupon and I need to buy 3 to be able to take advantage of the store sale, multiply those two together and I get 6. I will buy 6.

Now that I know that I have to buy 6, I need to figure out how many coupons I can use. I’m buying 6 and know that I need to buy 2 to use that coupon, that means I can use 3 coupons (6/3 = 2)..which also means I’ll be getting 3 FREE with the coupon. Then the store sale requires that I buy 3 and since I’m buying 6 (6/3 = 2), that actually doubles the sale getting me 2 more items for free. I then add the 3 FREE items from the coupon along with the 2 FREE items from the sale and find myself getting 5 FREE items and only paying for 1.


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Confused? I totally understand. Figuring out math and percentages and freebies is tough work. Which is why I put together a little Coupon Cheat Sheet, which gives you a quick at-a-glace breakdown of what happens when you use different coupons on stores sales.

Now keep in mind, each store’s coupon policy is different, so these scenarios may NOT work out as detailed because of your store’s policy. This sheet should be used as a general guide to scenarios.

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      Like anything else in life, start with an easy goal that you can achieve. First, see if you can find out how much you are spending on consumables per month. List them and see if you can cut down on any of them. Reducing spending/wasting is the first step. Next to see if you could get coupons for the items that you need. Once you found out how much you are spending per month, set goals like taking off 10% of that the next month. If you are just starting to look at your spending’s, I think it is not impossible to get 30% reduction on your monthly spending on consumables, just by not buying the unnecessary items and starting to use coupons. Happy $avings!!

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