Eat What’s in Season – Fruits of August

August is the peak month for fruits with 13 fruits in season. Stock up, eat up, and fill up those jars to preserve them for winter months when you find deals. Try to maintain your diet consisting of at least 8 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, fresh and in season when possible. They will keep the doctors away!!
Fruits coming into Season    
apple_50507014 apples fig_71401375 figs
Fruits in Season
apricot_77815890 apricots banana_71255339banana blackberry_55341161black berries cantalope_7471462cantaloupe kiwi_62030240kiwi
mango_51810245mangoes peach_54711699peaches plum_58447264plum rasberry_69412227raspberries strawberry_52584488strawberries
watermelon_71250881 watermelon
Fruits just went out of Season

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