Eat What’s in Season – Vegetables of August

While not as abundant as harvest time, summer vegetables peak in August to enrich our dinner table full of hearty and tasty vegetables. Tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, cucumber, peppers, and squashes will replenish your body with nutrients. Try eating vegetables in variety of colors, as they are rich in different nutrients. It is important to eat vegetables in season, not only for the economical reasons, but also for the nutritional reasons. Try to maintain your diet consisting at least 8 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Fresh and in season whenever possible. They will keep the doctors away!!
Vegetables coming into Season  
acorn-squash_11986812 acorn squash butternut-squash_71466748 butternut squash eggplant_49044609eggplant     winter-squash_76576699winter squash
Vegetables in Season
celery_57007185celery corn_54023537 corn cucumber_48362471  cucumbers green-beans_4266267  green beans
kohlabi_64877061kohlrabi lettuce_48443341lettuce okra_76936034okra peppers_77452789peppers
potatoes_56389094potatoes squash_67505535summer squash swiss-chard_76060080Swiss chard tomatoes_60568941tomatoes

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