Eat What’s in Season – Vegetables of June

June is the month with least vegetables in season. Only the fast growing corn started its season in June while most of vegetables are still out on the field sucking up earth juices and soaking up sun lights, getting ready for their prime time in July ~ October. It is important to eat vegetables in season, not only for the economical reasons, but also for the nutritional reasons. Try to maintain your diet consisting at least 8 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Fresh and in season whenever possible. They will keep the doctors away!!
Vegetables coming into Season  
corn_54023537 corn
Vegetables in Season
celery_57007185celery lettuce_48443341 lettuce okra_76936034okra potatoes_56389094potatoes
swiss-chard_76060080Swiss chard zucchine_60042473zucchini
Vegetables just went out of Season
artichokes_49549545artichokes asparagus_72210115  asparagus radish_53910016 radishes rhubarb_63233381rhubarb
spring-pea_56813610spring bean

See fruits of June;

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