Freezer Meals 101 – My First Attempt at Freezer Meals + Recipes!


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It’s one thing to save a bunch of money on groceries, but it’s a completely other thing to know what to make with all the food you are buying? As I’ve said multiple times on this blog…I’m not a very good cook ;) Every night is like an episode of Chopped at my house: Pasta, Mustard, day old bread & a can of tomatoes…GO! :)

I’ve been secretly coveting all the freezer meal recipes I see on Pinterest and finally, over the weekend, decided to give it a try. My grocery store was having a $1.99/lb chicken breast sale (which is the lowest it ever comes) + as a bonus I got a FREE bag of potatoes or carrots with each 3lb package of chicken I bought. Score!

In under an hour and a half and for just around $50 total, my husband and I were able to prepare 15 meals, including 2 lasagnas.

Freezer Meal Must Haves:

Quart sized Freezer Bags (Luckily I scored last year on holiday zippies!)

Multiple Cutting Boards  –  I own something like these which I absolutely love because I’m a stickler for contamination. Having multiple cutting boards allows you to cut chicken, veggies & beef separately and simultaneously if you are working in pairs!

Large working area – While my kitchen is not huge, I do have an island that served it’s purpose nicely as I was able to lay out all the ingredients and chop, mix and bag on the island.

Pete & I each tackled a recipe and made multiples of each recipe.

Here are the recipes I used:

Some of the recipes were not created for freezer meals per se, however, I added the ingredients into a quart size freezer bag and then will cook on low for 6 hours.

$0.55 off Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners

I also bought a couple of Reynolds Slow Cook Liners because…I hate cleaning my crockpot…nuff said ;)

Buy (1) Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners $1.87
Use (1) $.55/1 Reynolds Slow cooker liner coupon
Final Price = $1.32

I would love to hear from all of you who have been doing freezer meals for a while, favorite recipes, tips, etc. Please leave a comment on this blog post!

Don’t forget to “pin” this blog post on Pinterest for future reference!

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  1. becca says

    A recipe that I use alot for the crockpot is steak tips…..a few tablespoons.of gravy master and 2 cans of stewed tomatoes…2 gloves garlic..on low for about 8 hours ..serve over rice..i freeze all ingredients except canned tomatoes i throw them on in the morning when I add meat mixture..delish and easy

  2. Pennym says

    The only thing i would say is try to find a deal on seal-a-meal it really does keep everything tasting fresher, no freezer burn etc.. Ive had one for years and would be lost without it. Great job! I love freezing esp for those nights no one wants to cook.

  3. Shelly says

    You should get a group of about 10 friends or neighbors and all of you make the same meal 9 times and then get together and exchange. Then you only have to make one extremely large meal and you get 9 different ones in return!

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