Get $50 Bonus when you open up ING Electric Orange Account

Click here to start saving with ING DIRECT!

Do you like FREE money? LOL! ING Direct is offering a $50 bonus to all new account holders how make at least 3 card purchases in the first 45 days of having the account. ING is an internet based bank, which offers NO minimum Deposit, No hidden fees or service charges & 24 access to your account.

You open up a no-minimum, no fee checking account. Make (3) Purchases & get $50 deposited into your account!

Here’s how you can earn $50!

Here’s a testimonial from Jillian, an I Love to Gossip Reader:

I just received mine a week ago! Very easy to receive and a great institution to keep your money with – awesome rates and no fees!

P.S. They also offer a Kids Savings Account℠. It’s is even better than a piggy bank ;)

Learn more about ING Direct & Internet Banking here

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