Good News – Shaws Will Still Accept Coupons!

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Woohoo! I hope by now you know there are a lot of new changes coming to Shaws and one of them is that they are doing away with the Shaws loyalty cards..which is scary for us couponers because my thought was, “What about SavingStar?“. The SavingStar coupons require a loyalty card in order to track purchases made! So Dan from the Shaws Facebook page just addressed the issue and here is what he said:

If you are participating in both the Upromise and SavingStar programs, the Upromise key tag will work for both programs. If you only participate in the SavingStar program you will need to contact our customer support team at 877-932-7948 and explain that you use SavingStar and with the rewards card going away, you will need a SavingStar key tag. Customer support will ask for your information and you will then be sent a SavingStar key tag in the mail. I realize it’s an extra step, but we hope this solution helps! ~ Dan

So the good news is that we can still use coupons…the so-so news is that we need to get a new keytag in order to do so!

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Thanks Regina!

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  1. Paula says

    wanted to let you know that i called the number for Shaws to get a savingstar key chain-they directed me to call savingstar as they new nothing about this;(

  2. nan says

    thanks so much for this. I was worried it was going away & I really like Saving Star. I just called them and the girl was very nice, but wasn’t aware of this. She took my info and was going to talk to Dan to get the full info. I told her she’d probably be getting more calls as it was on the blogs :)

  3. Karin says

    I just called that number and they said I had to go to Shaws customer service does not issue savingstar key tags! :( can’t seem to find a place to ask on the savingstar website.

  4. says

    Hi everyone,

    There has been some confusion with regards to Shaw’s loyalty card. Please continue to scan your Shaw’s loyalty card to redeem SavingStar eCoupons. There is no keytag available at the moment and you do not need to contact SavingStar or Shaw’s. Just use your Shaw’s loyalty card when you buy the products and your SavingStar money will be deposited in your account like normal. We know that not every cashier at Shaw’s be familiar with SavingStar, but you must scan your loyalty card to redeem our eCoupons.


    Josh from SavingStar

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