Hannaford Sticker Program – Use with SavingStar

Yesterday, I told you about SavingStar which is a new digital coupon program available at Hannaford, Shaws, CVS & Rite Aid. I received a lot of questions about how to use SavingStar at Hannaford, because Hannaford doesn’t have a loyalty card per se. What Hannaford does have instead is a sticker program.

You can sign up for the sticker program by logging into MyHannaford (look for it at the top right of the site) and clicking on Hannaford Stickers. You then enter in your mailing information which Hannaford will use to send you 10 Hannaford Stickers. These stickers come with a bar code and you can stick them on your keys, phone, Shaws loyalty card or anything else you will likely have at checkout.

Then when you checkout at Hannaford, just show the sticker to the cashier, he/she will scan it….sometimes coupons come out, others times not. Starting tomorrow, however, every time you scan your Hannaford sticker you will receive a coupon good for $1.00 Deli or Seafood item.

Sign Up for the Hannaford Sticker Program.

P.S. You may wonder why Hannaford sends you so many stickers…but they tend to rub off quickly. I’ve already gone through 5 of them!

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  1. Monked32 says

    Good for Hannaford for trying something different than a card, but if the stickers wear out so quickly, is the card such a bad idea? Glad to hear they are catching up w/ the couponing/$ saving times!!

  2. says

    I stuck my sticker on the inside of my Cell phone case, its always with me and never gets rubbed! I have a new phone now so I have to think of another good spot to stick it. The two I put on my keys were unreadable in days. I wish they sent real cards…. 

  3. isabel blowers says

    Trying to sign up for the hannaford sticker program but it won’t let me can you help please

  4. Parker says

    not impressed with the strike out over the Shaw’s loyalty card. Even though they no longer require the card to obtain their weekly sale prices, the card still works for Saving Star. Saving Star is a great money saver and I have earned a lot of money using it. You come off childish by scrubbing out the Shaw’s name and it shows you have little respect for other brands. Many people shop are more then one store and the savings are what matters not your prejudice for one company over another.

    • CC says

      Um…clearly you read that wrong. If you actually read the post you would see that the strike out was in jest…as in why would you put a Hannaford sticker on a Shaws loyalty card? Please go find some other website to troll :)


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