Hard to Find & Rare Shaws Monopoly Game Pieces 2014


It’s that time of year again…the time where Shaws has the highly addictive game of Monopoly back in stores! I know that many of you are looking to see which are the RARE pieces of the game, so I’ve made a quick list below from my own personal game board.

P.S. Take a look at my recent Shaws trip, where I scored 40 items for only $.67 cents!

Here is a list of possible hard to find pieces: This list will keep growing as we get further into the game

$5 Grocery Gift Card – A889

$10 Grocery Gift Card – B887

$15 Monopoly Board Game – C882

$25 Cash -D879

$25 Grocery Gift Card – E874

$50 Grocery Gift Card – F871

$100 Grocery Gift Card- G866

$250 Cash – H864

$250 Grocery Gift Card – I860

$500 XBOX One – J854

$500 Apple iPad Air – K849

$1000 Free Groceries – L848

$2,500 Free Groceries – M843

$5,000 ATV or Camping Package – N839

$1,000,000 Cash – X805

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  1. says

    Hello Everyone,

    These are the game pieces that I still need:
    X803, X805,
    W807, W809,
    V812, V816,
    T820, T821,
    S823, S825,
    R828, R829,
    P832, P835,

    I have extra’s of everything else. I hope we can trade!

  2. Kelly says

    • Moo says

      I may have what you need. Email me:[email protected]

  3. Kelly says

    • says

      v813, d878, p836, n840, e876, x801, n838, j856, p834, g865, h834, g868, v814, x804, r830, f872, j855, c884, l847, f864, w810, e876, t817, a892, i859, c883, h863, l846, b885, v814, n840, a892, t818, h861, x806, p836, p834, b88, v814, c881, s824, d880, m842, r831, i859, w811, d877, g865, c884

  4. says

    Come on folks, if you have reach this website, it’s because we all have the same stupid pieces. Who here is dumb enough to think somebody will give the missing piece for the 1 million or the 100K prize. At least we all know now which pieces we will never get. Enjoy your next grocery!

  5. says

    Are we sure the million dollar one is x805? Because I got that one earlier, but I’m missing a few other pieces. So I’m debating whether I should go buy a shit ton of beer and hopefully get the rest, because I figure if I become a millionaire I’m just going to become an alcoholic anyway.

  6. says

    Why is this game called Monopoly? There is nothing Monopoly about it, except for the fact that they used the Monopoly guy for marketing. They could have called it Hungry Hungry Hippos and it still would have the same goddamn playing style. With the way these are packaged though, I think they should just call it “Get Shit Everywhere”

  7. says

    I have a LOT OF pieces to trade if anyone is interested.
    Unlike the person who thinks no one would share or do the right thing; I absolutely would.
    A prize is a prize and sharing is caring.
    There is still DECENCY, INTEGRITY and HUMANITY still remaining in this world.

  8. Mary says

    I have a question about the Monopoly game pieces. I have piece that is not on the board. It is for the $40,000 motorcycle/Boat but the code is Z926 and on the top of the piece above the picture it show MON-A07. I didn’t realize this was not matching the board until I received another piece with the same picture but different colored background and the code is S826 which is the actual code on the game board. What is up with the Z926 piece?

    • Mary says

      I think I figured out the answer to my question. I am guessing that I was inadvertently given an associates game piece…I believe they play their own version of this game. That would explain the A in front of the code.

  9. Adam says

    Babbette, is that a joke saying you have piece x805? Because if you do, I am very interested in speaking with you. Good luck everyone, and keep in mind the game isn’t entirely impossible, especially with advantages that the internet provides us…

  10. Jennifer says

    Well theres got to be rare S pieces. I have soooo many duplicates. I need:
    W807, W809, W810

    T820, T821

    R828, R829

    L846, L848







    P832, P835



    V812, V816







    X803, X805

  11. Cesar says

  12. says

    I’ve got an envelope full of pieces that I already have. None of them are the ‘hard to find’ ones as listed about (at least I don’t think…) but if anyone wants them, let me know. Would be a good start for someone at least. I’ll just mail ’em to you if you send me your address (I’ll even pay the 50 cents postage!) You should be able to click on my name and get a link to my facebook page.

    The incentive for me is that I can pat myself on the back for awhile and try to convince myself that I’m a selfless, decent human being. Plus, this is my version of putting money in the church collection tray, since my mortgage is already paid off in hell.

    I’m serious.

  13. Kel says

  14. says

  15. says

    $5 gift card – A890, A891, A892 ………….Missing – A889
    $10 gift card – B885, B886. B888 ………….Missing – B887
    $15 board game – C881, C883, C884 ……Missing – C882
    $25 cash – D877, D878, D880 ………………Missing – D879
    $25 gift card – E873, E875, E876 ………….Missing – E874
    $50 gift card – F869, F870, F872 ………….Missing – F871
    $100 gift card – G865, G867, G868 ……….Missing – G866
    $250 cash – H861, H862, H863 ……………..Missing – H864
    $250 gift card – I857, I858, I859 …………….Missing – I860
    $500 Xbox – J853, J855, J856 ……………….Missing – J854
    $500 Ipad – K850, K851, K852 ………………Missing – K849
    $1000 groceries – L845, L846, L847 ………Missing – L848
    $2500 groceries – M841, M842, M844 …….Missing – M843
    $500 ATV Camping – N837, N838, N840…..Missing – N839
    $10,000 vacation – P833, P834, P836……..Missing – P832, P835
    $25,000 backyard – R827, R830, R831……Missing – R828, R829
    $40,000 boat – S822, S824, S825, S826….Missing – S823
    $40,000 vehicle – T817, T818, T819……….Missing – T820, T821
    $100,000 cash – V813, V814, V815 ………..Missing – V812, V816
    $500,000 home – W808, W810, W811……..Missing – W807, W809
    million – X801, X802, X804, X806…………….Missing – X803, X805

  16. says

    I have the following that I’m interested in trading as well as others that I might consider trading as well. Contact me on Facebook by looking up Jimmy Jim (no profile picture) or e-mail me at [email protected]

    A 892
    A 891
    B 885
    C 884
    C 884
    C 881
    D 880
    D 880
    D 877
    E 876
    E 876
    E 876
    F 870
    F 869
    F 869
    G 868
    G 867
    G 865
    H 862
    H 861
    I 859
    I 857
    J 853
    J 853
    K 850
    K 850
    L 847
    L 847
    L 847
    M 842
    M 841
    N 838
    N 837
    P 834
    R 831
    S 824
    T 817
    V 815
    V 814
    W 811
    W 810
    W 808
    X 804
    X 804
    X 804
    X 802

  17. says

    S825 for sale. Chicago area. Must be hand to hand transaction. If interested text me at 7735057359. I will respond to serious offers only. Don’t worry, if you have S823 I will not ask for 50/50 :). If you have S823 this will be the cheapest way you can get S825!

  18. Ana says

    Pieces I have:

    X802 (2)
    X806 (2)
    R830 (2)
    I857 (2)
    H861 (2)
    M841 (2)
    M844 (2)
    G865 (2)
    G867 (2)
    F869 (2)
    V813 (2)
    S822 (2)

    Let me know if you want to trade or any kind of deal! :)

  19. says

    I am getting the same sets of 4 (from a single packet) over and over and I am wondering whether they distribute new packets every week or if they pass out the full set from the beginning.

    Would it be better to save my Get 2 Bonus Tickets on Next Visit or use them now? Any ideas?

  20. Gloria says

    • says

      Sorry Gloria, but W809 and V812 are semi rare, not rare.

      W807 and V816 are the rare once. They came up with these semi rare (every 5,000 tickets) so people will get exited and spend more money at their stores.

      1:5,000 = 400,000,000/5,000 = 80,000 of worthless semi rare pieces.

      The rare pieces win the prizes, not semi rare pieces.

      • Dave says

        Well considering there are at least 4 or 5 people on here (including myself) that have v812 the semi-rare piece for $100,000. I’m guessing you are correct with your numbers. They really aren’t that rare at all. Since there are 8 $100,000 prizes, there will be only 8 v816 pieces. Thus $79,992 worthless v812 pieces. Although figure that 75% of the pieces get lost, thrown out, never looked at, or the people just don’t know that v812 is semi-rare. You still have about 20,000 pieces floating around out there looking for matches. Of course those lost, thrown out, never looked at percentages are the same for actually finding v816. So only 2 might be claimed. Yep 812 is worthless and you’ll never get a 50/50 split on it. If the winner is nice I would hope they would give you $1,000. But I’m sure if they wanted to be stingy they could get it for $100.

  21. Roxana says

    Hello(: everybody I willing to trade pieces:
    For: R828,R829,R830,R831,L848,N839,K849,K852,J854,J856,I858,I860,M841,M843,H861,H864,G866,P832,P833,P835,P836,F869,F870,F871,W807,W809,T817,T818,T820,T821,V812,V814,V816,S823,S825,S826,X802,X803,X805,X806,E873,E874,E875,D877,D879,C882,B886,B887,A889
    Or Willing To Have Pieces Please Email Me At: [email protected]

  22. says

    I am looking for the following numbers if anyone has them

    W807, W809
    T820, T821
    R828, R829
    P832, P835
    V812, V816
    S823, S825
    X803, X805

  23. says

    It looks like my X803 is probably the semi rare piece, but if you’ve got X805 I’ll sell you my piece. Odds are you wont get them both just collecting game pieces at the store :)

  24. Andrea says

    Hi guys! Looking for the following pieces (if someone is interested in going 50/50)

    W807, W809
    V812, V816

    Let me know, thanks!

  25. Liz says

    I need the following pieces:
    A889, B887, C882, D879, E874, F871,
    G866, H864, I860, J854, K849, L848
    M843, N839, P832, P835, R828,R829
    S823,S825, T820, V812, V816, W807, W809,
    X803, X805.

    I have extras of all the others. Please let me know if you would like to trade or split the prize.

  26. says

    I am still in need of:
    $2,500 free groceries – M843
    Apple iPad Air – K849
    $100,000 in cash – V812, V816
    $1,000,000 in cash – X803, X805

    If anyone has these and are looking for other pieces, I will totally split 50/50. Please message me and let me know what you need c: I promise to be very fair!

  27. amy says

    I need v 812 and v816, am willing to pay for these pieces….

    also need T821 and T817

    also need x803 and x805 please email me with the good news. thks

  28. amy says

    willing to split and be very happy with something vs. nothing for V812 and V816, T821 and T817 and X 803 and X805

    need also S823 and S825

    need P832 and P835 M843 Let’s celebrate together….

  29. Jasmine says

  30. says

    Hi, for anyone interested I have S825 and V812. I am willing to part ways with them for a small finder’s fee. I am from Chicago area and I would prefer if interested party could meet for the exchange. I believe hand to hand exchange is the only way to assure that each party gets what expected. Text me for details @773*505*7359. Thank you.

  31. shin85 says

  32. Lee says

    Here’s what I need……

  33. Ramona says

  34. Shea says

    I got an R828 piece today (.20 cent ramen gets you a ticket! haha). I do not own a home, therefor I am not in need of a $25,000 backyard makeover! Willing to work out a deal with someone who needs this piece, as it is one of the rare pieces. Let me know if anyone wants to talk business! [email protected] thanks guys! It’s great that we have better ways of linking up with others in this day and age!

  35. says

    I found a video with recent winners for 2014 Albertsons Monopoly. I am not sure if I can post a link in here. I will try. If I won’t be allowed to do so and you like to see the list just go to website called surveyjet, than go to “Giveaways” and then follow the link to Albertsons Monopoly page.

    One video there shows how to get free tickets (kind of).

  36. Irina says

    I have a lot of dupliacates and some are rear once. Will Trade.
    1,000,000 cash -Need : X803, x804, x805.
    500,000 deam home -need: w807, w809
    100,000 cash -need: V812 and V816
    40,000 vehicle – need: t818, t820
    40,000 motorcycle/boat need:s823, s825
    25,000 backyard need: R828, r829
    10,000 vacation- need: p832, p835
    5,000 ATV/Caping -need: n839
    2,500 groceries-need: m843
    1,000 groceries- need: L848
    500 apple air pad need: K849
    500 Xbox need: J854
    250 groceries need: I860
    250 Cash need: H864
    100 groceries -need: G866
    50 griceries need: F871
    25 groceries need: E874
    25 cash need: D860, D879

    Have EXTRA for trade

  37. says

  38. says

    I have a lot of duplicates as well. I’m mostly looking for the car. will got 50/50 since the car I want is less than $20,000. Will list the duplicates if you want.

  39. tmaN says

    I’ve got the 835 looking for the 832 [email protected] back go you. Located In Maine

  40. Mele says

  41. Mallory says

  42. susan says

  43. Dhimples says

    i have everything but x805 ; w807 ; v816 ; v812. i will keep updating my tickets. but if anyone willing to split 50/50. email me at [email protected].
    of course, only one person is allowed to claim but we could make a legal written contract & i will hire a lawyer so that nobody gets tricked from both sides in case if human nature starts to arise than honesty and conscience. Thank you

  44. says

  45. Anonymous says


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