Book A Coupon Party! Learn Extreme Couponing Tips & Tricks!

My April 16th Coupon Class is SOLD OUT! But that doesn’t mean you can’t book your own Coupon party in your home!

If you live in the Southern Maine area and are new to couponing or have friends that are interested in couponing..why not throw a coupon party? I will teach you the tricks and secrets to couponing that landed me a spot on TLC’s Extreme Couponing!

In this class I will show you how to use coupons to save the most amount of money at grocery stores, drug stores and even supercenters. After you take this class, you will never pay retail again!

Classes last 2 hours long and are held in your home. Feel free to invite as many friends as you want, you can serve snacks and wine I mean beverages and we will turn this into a party, I guarantee that!

Hosting a party is free for the host, however, there is an $20 admission per guest. But trust me, this is money well spent, you make this money back in your first shopping trip! And from there continue to save your family hundreds and thousands of dollars!

Each guest will receive a packet of information and coupons to get started. We’ll even have some prizes!

I am currently booking for the month of April. If you are interested, click here to schedule a date and time!

*Guest Minimum is 5 people

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  1. Angela says

    Do you only host parties in Southern Maine? I live 30 minutes north of Auburn if you ever decide to venture up that way i would be extremely interested.


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