How Do I Change The Zipcode on – 2013

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If there’s one thing that is likes to keep us on our toes. With several new layouts in the last couple months, it seems like they are trying to fine tune (ahem…. out-manuever) us extreme couponers!

As you know (or if you are new to couponing, maybe you don’t know) that we sometimes have to change the zip code on to be able to see different coupons. It used to be real easy to change the zip code in previous layouts…however, not anymore. has changed it so we basically have to alter our existing account each time we want to change the zip code

Here is how to change your zip code on

1. Log In or Create an Account

2. Click on your account settings

3. Where it says zip code: Enter the zip code of which you wish to see coupons for (My faves are: 90210, 77477, 12345 & 45501)

4. Each time you want to change the zip code, you MUST go into your account and set the zip code in your personal settings.

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