How To Get More Coupon Inserts For Couponing


I hear this question more than any other from readers. Everyone is wondering how to get their hands on more coupon inserts..because we all know, coupon inserts = money = free stuff! :)

There are several ways to get coupons and coupon inserts. Personally, my method is to buy 4-6 papers a week ($8-$12) and then order any extra coupons I want online. (Usually .10-$.15/ea)

1. Buy Your Local Sunday Paper – This is obviously the easiest way to get coupon inserts. Most Sunday papers feature the standard RedPlum, SmartSource, General Mills & Proctor & Gamble Inserts weekly. Depending on how much your Sunday paper is however, it may be cheaper to buy the inserts online.

2. Buy Inserts online – Sites like Whole coupon Inserts & InsertInsanity and many more offer you the opportunity to purchase your whole inserts online. These can range from anywhere to $.50 – $1.25 per insert. As I said before, it depends on how much your Sunday paper is to determine whether this is a better deal.

3. Make nice with your paper boy – My friend has an enviable relationship with her paperboy! He gives her 50-100 papers a week for FREE!

4. Recycling Bins – This method will be determined by how skeezed out you are about going into recycling bins. BUT, you can find your local paper recycling bin and go through it to find the coupon inserts. I have not done this yet..but I heard it’s a damn goldmine!

5. Starbucks, Coffee Shops, Doctors Waiting Rooms & Airports– On any given Sunday, you can frequent a coffee shop and find a paper laying around that someone has left behind for the other patrons to enjoy. Usually, you can also find coupons laying around. I HAVE done this method and have been lucky enough to score inserts on occasion.

6. Ask your friends, family & co-workers to save their coupon inserts for you – If you have family and friends that subscribe to the paper but aren’t interested in couponing (gasp!) then ask them to save the inserts for you!

7. Set up a Coupon Trade at work or your child’s daycare – Set up a shoebox at the entry of your workplace or kid’s daycare and put a sign on it that says Coupon Trade. The idea is that people bring in coupons that they do not need and others pick up the coupons that they do need. For example, I do not need pet food or diaper coupons, so I could drop those off and pick up coupons for things that I really do need.

Things you should NOT do:
1. Take the coupon inserts out of the papers at the grocery store. Wow! Talk about unethical! Keep it classy….remember Classy Couponers do not steal!
2. Hold your paperboy up at gun point…now ladies, I get that coupons are great..but do we really want to get locked up for attempted robbery? Hell no ;)

Do you have a unique way of getting coupon inserts? Share it in the comments section!

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  1. Mya says

    Another great way to find coupons are at grocery stores and gas stations! Being from a region that doesn’t get great coupons in our inserts, I’m always on the look out for coupons where ever I go. I recently took a roadtrip from Arizona to New Jersey and back. We made a lot of rest stops. I found all kinds of awesome coupons, especially for snacks and drinks! Being that I live in a hot desert, it’s a score to find drink coupons!

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