How to Save Money on Chicken Breast + My Stock Up Price


Chicken breasts are one of the main staples in my household. It’s one of the only foods my entire family agrees on! Finding deals on fresh chicken breast can be hard, because we rarely see coupons for fresh meat. Instead, I use a variety of tactics to save on chicken breast.

Buy in Bulk: My local Sam’s Club has chicken breast on sale for $1.88/lb everyday

Zaycon Foods: Zaycon is a provider of fresh foods at discounted prices. Essentially they set up locations throughout the US where they deliver on orders placed. You can place an order for Fresh Chicken Breast at $1.89/lb. (At least this was the price in my area!) You must order 40lbs to get this price.

Monitor Store Sales: The sales prices at my local grocery store can vary from $1.77/lb to $2.99 a lb depending on the week. I know that $1.77 is the absolute lowest price I’m going to be able to get chicken breast, so I stock up when it’s on sale at that price

Discounted Meat: Hit up your local grocery store either late at night or early in the morning! This is when they are re-stocking the meat selections and are more likely to have marked down the meat. Plus, there are less customers in the store, so you won’t have to fist fight anyone to get the discounted meat! ;)

As I mentioned before, my grocery store sometimes has chicken breast on sale for $1.77/lb that is the absolutely lowest price I’ve seen in my area, however I consider anything under $1.99 a stock-up worthy deal! Remember, prices in your areas may be different than mine, so it’s a good idea to track your local sales flyers and determine the lowest price.



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