Introducing Favado, a Grocery Store Coupon Matchup Mobile App


I’ve been keeping a secret from you guys…but today I get to share my great news! I am the Shaws Matchup provider for a brand new mobile app called Favado. You can get it on iPhone & Android.

You need to download it like…NOW! Go ahead…I’ll wait ;)


Essentially Favado is a Grocery Store Matchup mobile app. It allows you to see the current and/or upcoming matchup and make a shopping list right from your phone. PLUS, you can ‘clip’ the coupons and email them to yourselves, then print em when you get home! There are over a hundred  stores to choose from including all of your favorites. Select bloggers were chosen from all around the country to provide the Favado app with store coupon matchup & sale data.


Favado ~ The App Trailer from Favado App on Vimeo.

Because Shaws is my grocery store, I am soo excited to be a part of this exciting new mobile app. It means I’ll be spending much more time in-store to bring you unadvertised and sale info. You may have noticed how my current Shaws matchups are a little different, well this is because I’m using the new Favado system on my blog too! Pretty soon, all of my matchups will be formatted in the Favado system!

What are you waiting for?? Go download the app, right now!


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