How To Make a Groupon Deal Even Better with Swagbucks!

I love love love Stonyfield Cafe in Falmouth. They have the best sandwiches in town and my kids love the train table that’s tucked away in the corner..awww hell even I like it because it means I can have a moment to myself while the kids play :) Anyway, earlier this year they had a LivingSocial deal and I totally missed out on it, so when I saw it come through Groupon I jumped on it! BUT….I didn’t just go to Groupon and buy the Gift Certificate, you know..I’m an EXTREME couponer, so I always like to make the most of my deals.

Instead, I logged into my Swagbucks account and navigated to Daily Deals, I found the Stonyfield deal and saw that Swagbucks was offering me 160 Swagbucks if I bought the deal. I already knew I was going to buy the deal, so I went ahead clicked through, paid $7 bucks for the Gift Certificate and earned 160 Swagbucks!

What does 160 Swagbucks earn me you might ask? Not much…BUT, 450 Swagbucks will get me a $5 Gift Card to Amazon, so I’m 1/3 of the way there just for buying something that I already intended to buy!

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