Mega Swagbucks Friday – Join Swagbucks & Earn Gift Cards

It’s that time again! Mega Swagbucks Friday!! Time for me to share a tip on how you can bring in some extra cash or gift cards! With Christmas right only 3 months away, I wanted to let you know there is STILL time to earn some money!

One of my favorite ways to earn a little extra money is using Swagbucks! I know I talk about Swagbucks on here a lot..but it’s because it works! In the last 12 months I’ve earned the following:

$75 Walmart Gift Cards
$50 Paypal Cash
$60 CVS Gift Cards
$50 Old Navy Gift Cards
$20 Amazon Gift Cards
$10 JCPenney Gift Card

That’s a total of $265 in FREE cash & gift cards! Which is not bad considering all I do is a few internet searches and surveys a day to earn this!

Here are a few of my favorite tips on how to earn Swagbucks:

1. Recruit a few friends – If you can get a few friends to join through your referral link, you’ll earn Swagbucks every time they earn Swagbucks (Up to 1,000)

2. Print & Redeem Coupons – For every coupon you print & redeem from the Swagbucks website, you’ll earn 10 Swagbucks.

3. Search at different times of the day – In order to earn Swagbucks using their Search bar, I tend to use it at 3 different times of the day: Morning, Noon & Evening. I search until I earn Swagbucks and then go on with my day :)

4. Special Offers – Check out the Special Offers section and go right to the FREE ones if you don’t want to have to take out your credit card.

5. Check the widget: Whenever you come to this website, head over to the widget on the sidebar and click on SwagCodes to see if there are any FREE codes you can use!

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  1. miriam says

    Very nice! how much time does it take you to redeem on swagbucks? i’m getting a gift card from Gifthulk in like 1 and a half weeks.

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