My Top 3 iPhone & Android Apps for Couponing in 2013!

Many of you have asked me which iPhone apps I used for couponing and to be quite honest, while there are dozens out there, I find myself only use 3 on a regular basis. Here they are:

Viggle: Get Paid to Watch TV! Now this is one fun little application. All you have to do is download Viggle to your iPhone or Android phone and set up an account. Then, when you find yourself watching TV, bust our your phone and turn on the Viggle App. You can then ‘check in’ to the television show you are watching and earn points for watching TV. With those points, you can earn gift cards and other prizes.

Why I like Viggle:  No-Brainer, Easy to Use, Earn FREE prizes

Ibotta: The Ultimate Coupon App! I only downloaded Ibotta a couple weeks ago, but it has quickly become my GO TO coupon app! It’s available on iPhone & Android. It’s a little unlike other couponing mobile apps, so let me explain:

  • Download the iBotta App using this link (Apple & Android)
  • Once it’s downloaded onto your phone, browse through the offers/coupons and select the ones you’d like to take advantage of.
  • While in the app, you can earn money by watching videos & taking surveys, but the cool part is that you will also get paid to buy certain products!
  • Once you complete the purchase, all you have to do is upload the receipt with your by taking a photo with your phone. Once it has been verified that the purchase is legit, your money will be deposited into your Ibotta account. Once you hit $5.00 you can choose to cash out via Paypal!

Why I like iBotta: Easy to Use, Low threshold for payout, good coupons

Media Insiders Panel

Media Insiders: So easy it’s dumb! I downloaded Media Insiders a little over a month ago and haven’t touched it since, BUT I earned a $5 gift card, just for having it on my phone. As a matter of fact, I earn $5 EACH MONTH the app remains on my phone. How awesome is that?

Download Media Insiders App

Why I like Media Insiders: I don’t have to do anything to earn the $5 per month!

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  1. KamilynKaiosmom says

    I dl MMI on my iPhone but it keeps asking me to connect via FB or Twitter and when I click on FB nothing happens. Wondering what I’m doing wrong?

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