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As soon as I saw these laundry basket sorters on Pinterest, I knew I had to have one! Listen, laundry is not my favorite thing and maybe…just maybe if I had a better organizational system, I’d like it more. One can hope right? Anyway, my husband set out to make me one of these Laundry Basket Sorters this weekend and it turned out perfect! The only thing he went by was a picture I had found on Pinterest.


1/2 inch 2×4 Birch Plywood (sides)
1/4 2×4 Birch Plywood (back)
Wood Glue
1×2 Hardwood for braces
2 Laundry Baskets (Got those at Walmart for $6.00 each)


1. First thing he did was measure the height of my washer & dryer for the sides of the laundry sorter. Since we were going to put a countertop over the whole thing, we needed to make sure that it was level with the washing machine. He then subtracted 1 inch to compensate for the top & bottom of the unit.

2. He then measured the width of the laundry baskets were were using. The laundry baskets were exactly 19 inches wide, he added 1/2 inch on either side and cut the pieces 20 inches wide.

3. He glued & screwed all four sides together.

4. After that, he cut a piece for the back of the unit and glued & screwed it in place

5. Then he screwed in pieces of 1×2 wood to act as braces for the laundry baskets

6. We painted it white, and voila, our own Laundry Basket Sorter…just like on Pinterest ;)

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  1. Nancy F. says

    This is an awesome laundry sorter, if you have the space. I don’t have this space next to my washer & dryer. I use a 4 bag laundry sorter on wheels, which my husband put together in 20 minutes. I have it in my walk in closet and I either carry a bag downstairs when it is full or I drop it from the top of the stairs to the bottom. I sort clothes by warm, cold, whites, and blacks. Black clothing turns gray over time so I wash blacks separately with Woolite Darks. No more bending down and no more sorting! Clothing is sorted as you take things off. I love it and it works for my husband and I. It is not for everyone.

    Four heavy-duty white poly/cotton canvas bags lift out with ease. Rolling frame of chrome-plated tubular steel. 32½”Hx33″Wx15½”D. Cost is approx. $59.99. I wish I had this 10 years ago! That’s why I’m sharing. It comes in different colors: chrome or antique bronze hardware. 4 Bag sorter or a 3 Bag sorter. I don’t remember exactly where we purchased it on line. Here is where it is currently: or $59.99 available at or Amazon or Sears on line.

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