Playing Shaws Sizzlin Summer Giveaway? Here is a list of the Rare pieces!

If you are like me…and completely addicted to the Shaws Summer Sizzlin Giveaway Game, then you’ll probably find this list of rare pieces pretty valuable. These are the game pieces that are hard to find, which means if you have one of these, your chances of getting the prize are better than the rest!

Rare Pieces
$1,000,000 SH04
$50,000 vehicle SH08 and SH10
$50,000 cash SH13 and SH15
$25,000 Harley SH17 and SH20
$25,000 backyard makeover SH22 and SH25
$5,200 groceries SH30 and SH31
$5,000 ATV SH32 and SH34
$1,000 Grill SH37
$500 Clambake SH43
$250 Shaw’s Card SH45
$250 Weekend Getaway SH50
$200 Kindle SH56
$100 Cookout SH58
$50 Gift Card Mall Gift Card SH61
$20 Shaw’s Gift Card SH67
$10 SH69
$5 SH74
$2 SH77
$10,000 Vacation SH82 and SH83

  • Louella Grindle

    I was looking at this post when I started to open my tickets from today’s shopping trip and low and behold I got an SH77! I’ve won $2! That’s better than nothing!

  • Threemonkeys

    Can you please, please, please take out the link?

    • Ryan Rhys

      everyone has all but sh04 lol

  • Nsenence

    I need ALL of the above! Bummer!

  • Jchork

    All i’m missing is the #6 piece to win a $1 million prize!

    • GamePlayer

      Are you sure you meant the SH06 piece? I’ve seen a ton of those in my tickets.

      • Knowitall

        I am pretty sure he meant that he has the five common pieces, and he is missing the sixth one. If not I do have the SH06 so we should get together : o

    • Jojomo75

      I have like 8 extra #6 pieces to win 1,000,000. I’ll give you what you need but we will need to split the prize. I currently just need #4. If you are interested reply to
      PS half a million is better than nothing right?

    • Jordanl

      I’ve got a #6 piece I will give you for $300. If interested, email

    • Candicemarie59


    • janet444

      Are you sure? There must be only one #4 piece, so if you really have it, you’re the million-dollar winner. The #6 will be easy to get, buy a bunch of food before you spit the million with someone with a #6. I have a #6.

    • Trish

      I have number 6. I’ll split it with you if we combine our ticket for the prize!

    • Shondell

      Hi my name is Shondell my number is 8572724933 I have SH06

    • Tsam2002

      I will give u 100,000 if u givea us #4 my number is 7819866364 we do this with our laywers so there no miss under standings

      • Rachel

        You will pay someone 100,000 and they hand you one million? stupid are you?

    • Primrosebrat

      I have the SH06 piece



    • omar biyari

      do you have #4, i’ll give you #6 for #4

    • celavie

      Hey Jchork,I’ll give you the # 6 piece for free. Email me to discuss further

    • Floogsy

      I have #6 do you want to spit the money?

      • Rachel


    • Jim

      I have two #06 pieces if you still need one. I need the #02 and #04.

  • Threemonkeys

    Thankyou very much Christy I appreciate the removal. :)

    • Chrystiecorns

      No problem! :)

  • Smacdon7

    I just got the rare SH15 game piece for $50,000. If someone has SH13, we could split the money!!!

  • Stellas04428

    I have one of the rare pieces for the vehicle (sh08). Hoping to get the other rare piece (sh10) or to find someone who may have it! I’ve won about 6 free donuts/bagels, but wouldn’t mind a bigger prize!

  • Chip9438nd

    i have the 30 anyone have 31

  • No way

    Dont think anyone has a chance I have 5 outa
    the 6 pieces and as well. Wishing I had SH04 doubt anyone will give that piece away if they get it!

  • Paul34

    There is no way that anyone will win the $1,000,000 prize. All this is BS. They only want your money to keep coming. There will not be a winner for big prize. It’s not different from a scam.

    • janet444

      There must only be one #4, and if nobody claims it, they have a drawing. If you play the game, you’ll see what I mean.

  • ShawsSH17

    I will pay $5000 cash for an SH17.

  • Edphia20

    Looking for 37 or 58 or 43 or 50 if anyone has it .. I have a rare 38 willing to trade or any other numbers.

  • mduke887

    I have SH32!

    Does anyone have SH34?!?! We can work out a deal for the 5K prize…

  • pepi

    I have #20 if anyone cares to share a prize. (I only need #17 to finish this group and win the $25,000 prize).

    • jane

      I have #17

  • Brian


  • vee

    I’m missing S4 for the 1 million… Who wants to trade? lol I have S1, S2, S3, S5,S6..

    • Tdo2k11

      would you mind giving up the S2?

  • vee

    i bet #s4 is not even produced or distributed yet…

  • vee

    im going shopping next week to get more pieces. lol

  • Sheronthepoet

    you are right about these rare pieces. Hopefully, few of them will emerge soon

  • Loosefur609

    I have SH 32 — willing to sell for $2,500.

    • MDuke887

      its only semi-rare it seems. the SH34 is the one you want. i have SH32 too.

    • eFFicientkiLLeRR

      wow this was desperate

  • Normand Roy

    I have SH20 and I am willing to sell it for two thousand dollars

    • Janaina Bernardo

      hi! if you stil haven the sh20 tell me

      • Paulo

        do you still need SH20 i have it shoot me an email

        • Hubba

          Do you still have #20?

          • Paulo

            Here’s the photo of it it’s not attached to the game card just sitting on it , what is it worth to you I can have the ticket over nighted to you thanks
            Paulo Cristelo

          • Hubba

            Hi Paulo,

            Thanks for your response. Obviously, it’s “late in the game.”

            The first thing would be to get a hold of ticket #17. I’d guess that this would have to happen in the next couple of hours, If there is a person who wants to share that ticket – theoretically we could split the prize 3 ways.
            The other problem is that it is now 9/6. There may be courier services that could get the things to Georgia by 11:59 pm, but the chances seem pretty slim.

            Any thoughts?


          • Paulo

            Not really if you had the 17 we could figure something out like get a flight to Philladelfia exchange tickets and collect the prize it could be done see if you can find the 17 and let me know good luck thanks
            Paulo Cristelo

    • MIchael Joseph

      I have sh20 as well, looking for someone who has sh17, and looking to split or sell. email me at

      • jane

        I have 17

        • Hubba

          Do you still have 17?

    • Hubba

      Do you still have 20?

  • Firmfoundation57

    Wow – almost EXACTLY matches my list of “still need.” IF ANYONE HAS AN EXTRA “SH04″ I’ll gladly trade the extras I have!!!!


    I NEED #SH4; SH34; SH43; SH45; SH50; SH56; SH58; SH61; SH67; SH69; SH74; SH77; IF YOU HAVE ONE OF THEM AND WANT TO SHARE. PLEASE GIVE ME A COL: 6172837684. THAN’S.

  • omar biyari

    I have SH15 :D, but still missing SH13 :S

  • MDuke887

    WIll all you idiots who think Jchork has the SH04 please stop posting. Are you really that stupid?

  • Noname

    Can any one tell me if sh83 is a rare or semi rare piece?

  • Benjamin Dover

    For the $10,000 vacation, I have rare ticket #83 – so I am only missing rare ticket #82. If you have #82, contact me @ and we can split the prize.

  • mcool.

    I have SH20

  • Rayn C

    Hey, I got a sh20, has someone got the sh17? We may split the prize.

  • Deb Smith

    I got the semi rare or rare SH 15 for the $50,000 prize please e-mail me if you have the SH 13.

  • bobodiscus

    i have 2 sh04s but i need sh03 and sh02

    • Rachel

      You do not have two sh04. There is only one and it’s the super rare one. Stop lying

    • Jim

      I have two #03s. I need the #02 and #04.

    • Melissa

      Wow I can’t believe so many people are falling for all the lies regarding #4! NO ONE on here has that number! If they did, they wouldn’t be on this page! And the other thing is, some people accidentally get game pieces who don’t play and throw them away! Which could mean the #4 is already in the trash!

    • geri

      if you really have 4 i would buy it for 250k

  • Garufa

    I have two SH30, I need one SH31. I will exchange one SH30 for one SH31 or sell one SH30 for $ 2,000 or split the prize

  • Paulo

    does anybody have the SH17 i have the rare SH20 and i will split the prize contact me

  • MasterSTA

    I have SH32 if anyone wants to do a deal regarding the prize…Not sure if SH32 is rare or only semi-rare.

  • RandomGuy

    If anybody needs an sh20, shoot me an email at

    • Jim

      Hi. I need the sh20 and the sh17. Let me know what numbers you need.

  • Rebecca Rosado

    I have SH69. I won $10 (:

  • JO

    really helpful- thanks and best of luck to all!

  • BYouland

    Today at Shaw’s in Windham, I got SH20…anyone have SH17?



  • Stella

    I have the 4 of the 5 pieces for the vehicle, including the rare piece SH08. If you have the SH10 please email me at and maybe we can work out a deal! Thanks!

  • thelaw401

    i have sh04 but need sh03 to win. Also willing to sell it i need a good offer..

    • jeremy

      call me asap 2077671291 i have sho3 and need sh04 and sh02 to win the million

    • geri

      are you serious that you have sh04
      i put an add in that i would offer a generous reward for it

  • Toots

    I am missing exactly all the rare ones. damn.. Just went shopping too and got 62 tickets. ALLL REPEATSSS!! lame.