Save $.10 per Gallon on Gas Everyday with Cumberland Farm's Smart Pay App!

Have you heard about the Cumberland Farms SmartPay program? If you are looking for a way to save on gasoline, then listen up! The Cumberland Farms SmartPay program is a new payment program that is linked to your bank account and saves you $.10 cents per gallon each and every time you fill up!

  • Every time you use SmartPay to fill up, you save 10¢ on every gallon of gas, right at the pump.
  • Instant savings. When you use SmartPay the price on the gas pump will literally drop 10¢ right before your eyes.
  • Two amazingly convenient ways to SmartPay: SmartPay card or our exclusive SmartPay Mobile App.

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How to sign up:

1. Create a SmartPay Check Link Account. You will need to enter you mailing address, driver’s license number and bank account information. Please note that this is a secure website as noted from the Lock & Green Text in your browser bar:

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2. Grab a FREE SmartPay card at Cumberland Farms or download the FREE SmartPay Mobile App for iPhone & Android

3. Next time you fill up, you’ll save $.10 per gallon instantly!


Thanks to everyone who sent this to me!

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