Shaws Grocery Deals & Matchups for 2/24/2012 – Free Cain’s Dressing & Cheap Dryer Sheets

Good Morning! We have some delightful deals coming up at Shaws on Friday! We are going to be able to pick up FREE Cain’s Dressing and lots of other cheap items!

Now before you go to Shaws, you should know a few things:
1. You can get a $5 off $50 Shaws Purchase coupon here
2. Shaws coupon policy does not allow you to use (2) coupons on a B1G1 FREE Scenario
3. Shaws doubles coupons up to $.99 and only (4) like coupons in one transaction

Here are the best deals this week:


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  1. says

    what about the chicken sausage? is that a good buy? and has anyone tried the small 16 oz. lloyds ribs? i have a raincheck for 4 for 20 and minus 6 dollars in coupons, but i still don’t want to pay 14 bucks for a bag o bones. thanks

  2. Sparkle840 says

    does anyone know if the 1.99 kelloggs will include the crunchy nut or special k or the krave? if they are with coupons we can get them as low as .59 each

  3. Phillipsterri81 says

    Thanks so much for the info about the cains dressings, I was able to score 15 bottles 8 at one shaws and 7 at another totally free whoohoo I love free Thanks again :)

  4. Krystle says

    So are we sure about the Sobe Lifewater deal? Because I tried buying 10 bottles at Shaw’s in Dover and I didn’t save $5. It cost me $10. They said the $5 was saved by them being on sale for $1 a piece. Anyone else tried this deal?

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