Target Cartwheel Coupon Program Guide 101


Have you heard about Target’s new coupon program? It’s called Cartwheel and adds a whole other layer to coupon shopping at Target! This post is a beginners guide to using the Target Cartwheel Coupon Program.

Now before you do anything, you must have a Facebook account to use the Cartwheel Coupon Program. The whole point of Target’s Cartwheel coupon program is to tap into social shopping, hence the need for a Facebook account to access and share the Target Cartwheel coupons.


Bonus Tip: If you don’t want  your friends to see what you are sharing, then select “Only Me” before clicking on Share Status. That way, it will not show up in the news feed and you will be the only one able to see it on your timeline.

Okay…now that we got that out of the way…let’s learn about the Target Cartwheel Coupons!

How to use Target Cartwheel Coupons


Where do I find Target Cartwheel Coupons?

In order to view all the Target Cartwheel coupons you’ll need to visit from your computer, tablet or phone. There you should see dozens of coupons available to you. In order to select the coupons you want to use, just click on the coupon and select the “Add” button.


How do I Redeem Target Cartwheel Coupons?

Once you have added the Cartwheel coupons to your account, you’ll want to click on My Cartwheel and print off the barcode located at the far right of the screen (seen below). You can also bring up your Cartwheel account on your mobile device in-store and show the cashier your Cartwheel barcode.

Can I stack Target Cartwheel Coupons with Target printable coupons?

All signs point to YES on this one. You can stack Cartwheel coupons with Target printable coupons, however, results on this have varied depending on where you shop. Some customers are finding that the Cartwheel coupons are not being deducted, so keep a close eye on your receipt to ensure that the savings are indeed coming off.

How Many Target Cartwheel Coupons Can I Use at Once?

Lucky for us, you can use all of the offers available to you in your Cartwheel account at once! So let’s say you have 8 offers in your account, you can use all 8 in a single transaction, just by scanning the one barcode!

Cartwheel Coupon Limitations:

The only limitation I see on the Cartwheel program is that you can only get savings from your Cartwheel coupons 6 times a day.

Target Cartwheel coupons do expire:

Just like Ibotta mobile coupons, Target Cartwheel coupons expire too! So you’ll want to use the savings before they expire!

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