The Bottom-line of Frugal Correctness – Change, Do, Save!!


While the Top-line of Frugal Correctness is focused on how we buy, store, and use consumable goods, the Bottom-line of Frugal Correctness is about savings in spending on services and utilities. They are on the bottom side of the Frugal Correctness Fishbone Blueprint diagram as Life Habits, Do It Yourself, and Start Save Now. The ultimate Bottom-line of the Frugal Correctness would be actually putting away those hard dollar savings, that you worked so hard to achieve, for retirement or education.

FC-FishboneSetting thermostats little lower or higher, wearing clothes more than once, order large and split, travel off peak, using high reward credit card like checkbook and pay off every month, etc. To top it all, QUIT SMOKING!! These are examples of Life habit changes that will go a long way in savings.

There are many things in life that we are accustomed to pay others to get it done. Hair cut, car wash, oil change, lawn care, dining out on special occasions, etc. Doing some of these by yourself will also add to the overall savings.

All these leads to one thing, more money left in your pocket. Our goal is to save 20% from the Top-line and 20% from the Bottom-line. That will probably be about 10% of your total spending. With this 10% savings, let’s make a life-long savings plan. You will be surprised to see how it will build up over time.

Let 2015 be the year that we became Frugally Correct and started to save for the future if you haven’t yet. will help you achieve this Frugal Correctness by posting details of the Top-line and Bottome-line action items. Of course, we will also continue to write up the deal scenarios for you to realize the hard dollar savings, one coupon at a time.

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