The Easiest Way to Change the Zip Code on!


How do I change the zip code on 

Alrighty, here it is folks! By now we know how much some coupons like to play hide and go seek within the zip codes on! Now I’ve got the easiest way for you to change the zip codes on If you’ve been printing coupons for a while, you’ll remember that we used to have to go into Local Settings or My Account to switch the zip codes..what a pain in the butt..especially when you were eager to print a hot coupon!


I have a secret! The Coupon Karma printable coupon page, has the OLDER version of which allows you to change it right on the main page! All you have to do is go to the coupon page on my website and switch the zip code right in the box on the main need to go into your My Account or Local Coupons page! From there you can scan the coupons in that zip code. Some of my favorite zip codes to use are: 77477, 90210, 45501, 12345 & 04102

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