Who Wants to See My Big Fat Recipe Fail? :)


I was all excited to share with you a recipe that my mother gave me last week! It’s literally the simplest recipe and it’s soo freaking delicious..I thought…what could go wrong? Well..everything.

The ingredients call for a box of cake mix, one jar of apple pie filling and 6 tbsp of butter. You are supposed to put the pie filling in the slow cooker first, then the cake mix and then the butter. No need to mix, just cook on low for 4 hours. What’s supposed to happen is a delicious apple crisp like dessert that is super yummy with vanilla ice cream.


Instead…here’s what happened.

First, I was out of butter and going to the store with a cranky 2 month old was not in the cards for me. So I thought I’ll use peanut butter BRILLIANT, right? Nope! I only had organic peanut butter, the kind that (nobody eats in my house) has a bunch of oil on the top and you have to mix up to use. Well I mixed it up as best as I could and then plopped 6 tablespoons and set it on low.

Half way through the cooking time, I noticed that the peanut butter was NOT melting like it should’ve. Or better yet…like the butter would have. So I stirred it around a bit and then put the lid back on. Once it was finally cooked…this is what I got. A pool of mushy goo with unmelted dry and hard peanut butter clumps. And because it was organic (aka unsweetened) peanut butter..the whole thing tasted gross! Into the trash it went!

Luckily, my husband did not marry me for my cooking prowess ;)

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  1. Mya says

    LOL I’m sorry that didn’t work out for you! A long time ago, I wanted to make Pancakes for breakfast, but my roommate and I haven’t been to the grocery store. We had everything but eggs. So, being that she was a former veggan, apparently, they sub honey for eggs! Yeah…the pancakes were NOT good at all! And it was soggy and had a weird texture to it. Even she threw her’s out! Lesson of day… always have eggs and in your case… Butter.. in your staple of stocks at all times? haha

  2. donna giblin says

    So I came upon your successful copy of this recipe :-) but was wondering if it would work with fresh apples? I have a bunch and would like to make something easy. Thank you

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